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Troubles Cinema, AU: Bloody Sunday

Show event

Centre for Irish Studies Autumn Seminar and Film Series 2018

2018.09.04 | Sanne Overgaard Larsen

Date Wed 31 Oct
Time 18:30 22:00
Location Nobelparken Building 1481, room 341

CISA and the Embassy of Ireland are happy to announce that the first film in our Irish film series 'Troubles Cinema' will be taking place on October 31 at 18.30 in Nobelparken, building 1481 room 341. The film series is constituted of five film screenings with companion lectures. All events are fuelled by snacks and followed by discussions.  

We will kick off our Irish film series at Aarhus University with the classic Bloody Sunday (2002), with an introduction by CISA's very own Sara Dybris McQuaid.

About the film:

Director: Paul Greengrass, 2002.

The film portrays one of the most important pivotal points of the conflict in Northern Ireland: the civil rights march, which ended on January 30, 1972 with British paratroopers killing 14 unarmed protesters. The film follows Ivan Cooper (James Nesbitt), one of the politicians who organised the demonstration, and we get a view of how the tense situation both glides - and is brought - out of control. Bloody Sunday is Greengrass’ debut film, and it is therefore also the first time he wrestles real events, something he later excels in the films United 93 (2006) on 9/11, and 22 July (2018) on the Utøya terrorist attack.