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Autumn Seminar Series: Tourism and Traditions

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Centre for Irish Studies Autumn Seminar Series 2018

2018.09.04 | Sanne Overgaard Larsen

Date Wed 26 Sep
Time 16:30 18:00
Location Nobelparken Building 1481 room 224

The Centre for Irish Studies and the Embassy of Ireland are happy to announce that the second seminar in our CISA Autumn Seminar Series 2018 will be taking place on September 26 at 16.30-18.00 at Nobelparken, building 1481 room 224.

The seminar series comprises a total of three double lectures, as well as five film screenings with companion lectures. All events are fuelled by snacks and followed by discussions.

Fantasy Violence in Belfast, Westeros: Northern Ireland as Game of Thrones Tourism Destination

Speaker: Stephen Joyce, Department of English AU

In the international imagination, Northern Ireland has historically been associated with images of violent sectarian conflict. Since the Good Friday Agreement, cross-border institutions such as Tourism Ireland have struggled to transform this image in order to encourage tourism, but the region’s image continues to be dominated by scenes of conflict. However, the global success of Game of Thrones, many of whose principal filming locations are in Northern Ireland, has sparked a boom in media tourism by fans of the show. The famous black cab tours of NI’s trouble spots now also run tours of Westeros’ trouble spots, helping to blend a history of genuine violence with fantasy conflicts in an imaginary world. This presentation looks at how media tourists experience Northern Ireland as Westeros and how this process may be assisting the region’s transition into a post-conflict society.

The evolving nature of Irish migration to Denmark and the Irish organisations representing them

Speaker: Matthew O'Reilly, Department of Archeology and Heritage Studies 

The Irish in Denmark have evolved over time and although part of the broader "Irish
Diaspora" it does not constituent a Diaspora in itself. While integrating into Danish society, they have maintained an Irish identity through the development of Irish societies, Gaelic Athletic Association clubs and through educational institutions and the Irish embassy.