Welcome to CISA

  • the only centre for Irish Studies in Denmark

Welcome to CISA

  • The only centre for Irish studies in Denmark


The Centre for Irish Studies in Aarhus is the only centre for Irish Studies in Denmark and one of two such centres in Scandinavia. The centre offers teaching in Irish history, society, literature and culture in compulsory courses and elective seminars on undergraduate and graduate level. The centre plays a key role within NISN, the Nordic Irish Studies Network, and publishes the peer-reviewed Nordic Irish Studies journal, in co-operation with DUCIS (see link) and NISN.

CISA has hosted three international conferences and a number of international seminars and symposia since its inauguration in 2000 and, as part of the Department of English at Aarhus University.

Our main objective is is to help advance the study of Ireland in Denmark by facilitating research and teaching in the fields of Irish history, culture, literature and politics as seen in a broad European and international context.


For news comments or information on conferences and publications, contact:

Sara Dybris McQuaid

Associate professorSchool of Communication and Culture - Department of English


Thu 03 Nov
14:00-16:06 | Women's Museum, Aarhus
Prison memory archive: using life stories in research
The Centre for Irish Studies AU and the Women’s Museum in Aarhus have the pleasure of inviting you to a WORKSHOP with Professor Cahal McLaughlin, director of the Prisons Memory Archive on Thursday 3 November at 2 PM to 4:30 PM.

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Sara Dybris McQuaid is congratulated by Nobel Laureate John Hume

Sara Dybris McQuaid is congratulated by Nobel Laureate John Hume in 2013 after participating in a peace training programme on ‘culture and peace building’ at the International Conflict Research Institute in Northern Ireland (INCORE). INCORE brings together practitioners and academics, creating links between practice, theory and policy.